Chinese Consul General in Frankfurt, Huang Yiyang, visited and inspected Hongfa Europe



Chinese Consul General in Frankfurt, Huang Yiyang, visited and inspected Hongfa Europe

Recently, during the important Easter holiday in Germany, a delegation of 5 people led by Chinese Consul General in Frankfurt, Huang Yiyang (third from the left), visited Hongfa Europe for inspection. Chen Qiangqiang, General Manager of Hongfa Europe, Li Wenwei, Director of Business Operations Guo Haijing, and Li Fang, Factory Manager of Hongfa Germany, accompanied the visit.

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During the meeting, Consul General Huang listened to the introduction of Hongfa's development history, business development, and future strategies in Europe. Over the past 40 years, Hongfa has achieved remarkable results and continuously improved its comprehensive strength, leaving a deep impression on Consul General Huang and his team.

After the introduction of the company, both sides had a two-hour free exchange on current political hot topics, economic directions, and the situation of Chinese enterprises in Germany. They also had discussions on topics that have been of great concern to everyone recently.

Regarding the topic of whether Chinese companies should go abroad, Consul General Huang stated that the answer is completely affirmative. Hongfa proposed overseas expansion in 2003 and achieved excellent sales performance in Europe twenty years later. In 2022, it timely launched overseas manufacturing. Consul General Huang expressed great admiration for General Guo's strategic foresight and stated that Hongfa has set the location of its European factory in Frankfurt, Germany, which has a long-term strategic vision. Faced with the strategic suppression of the new energy industry by Europe and America and the unpredictable geopolitical and economic landscape in the future, Consul General Huang suggested that Chinese enterprises should remain calm, seize opportunities, and respond calmly.

Finally, Consul General Huang made it clear that Hongfa could apply to the Chinese Consulate General in Frankfurt for practical difficulties in its operations. The Consulate General strives to provide strong support for Chinese enterprises in Germany. At the same time, Consul General Huang warmly invited Hongfa to participate in a series of activities organized by the Consulate General to promote the company's brand and increase its visibility.