Hongfa switch disconnect HFUW3DG for NA market got UL certification



Hongfa switch disconnect HFUW3DG for NA market got UL certification

Hongfa switch disconnect HFUW3DG for NA market got UL certification

Hongfa is pleased to announce a significant milestone in its expansion into the North American market with the receipt of the UL certification for its HFUW3DG product. This achievement was highlighted at the second annual "Quality Chain Future" New Energy Industry Chain Conference, hosted by UL Solutions in Suzhou on March 20th. UL Solutions, a globally recognized leader in safety certification and testing, convened this event to discuss emerging trends in the new energy sector and to clarify market access regulations worldwide. The conference drew participation from numerous new energy industry chain enterprises, with Hongfa among the distinguished attendees.


At the conference, Hongfa's HFUW3DG was honored with the UL489B certificate for PV DC1500V switch disconnects (2500A), affirming its compliance with North American standards. This certification marks a critical step for Hongfa in providing a comprehensive DC1500V PV Storage solution in conjunction with its UEM1E DC circuit breaker and UEM1EG switch disconnect. Leveraging its existing market strengths in DP contactors and MCB, Hongfa Low Voltage Division (LVD) is poised to make significant inroads into the North American power distribution sector.


Hongfa showcased its PV system solutions and flagship products meeting UL standards at the conference, drawing considerable interest from attendees. The HFUW3DG, UEM1E, and UEM1EG series, in particular, were noted for their compact design, high breaking capacity, and low temperature rise, making them ideally suited to address the unique challenges of the North American new energy market.



Looking forward, Hongfa Low Voltage is committed to deepening its collaboration with UL Solutions. By focusing on customer needs and prioritizing innovation, Hongfa LVD aims to enhance the new energy industry with safer, more reliable, and sustainable products.